A guide to fearless filmmaking, green living and well-being, this blog chronicles my metamorphosis from idle aspirer to master adventuress taming risks fraught with dangers of failure into exploits brimming with excitement and promises of success.  Filmmaking will be the instrument, the ideas kindness to mother nature and ourselves, and inspiration the spirit that moves us all.

About the Aspiring Adventuress, a.k.a Taylor Kim:
Almost six years ago I arrived wide-eyed in New York City as an aspiring director.  I took classes in acting, stage directing, screenwriting and filmmaking.  There were rewarding detours teaching yoga coupled with joyless delays at 9-5 jobs.  I worked on independent film productions from lowly production assistant to production manager with a-hundred-and-one-responsibilities.  After almost 6 years on this merry-go-round called New York City, I found myself exactly where I had started — an aspiring director.  Enough was enough and the Aspiring Adventuress was born!  In practicing the art of directing and filmmaking, I aim to share with you adventures of fearlessly living life from the heart.

To contact Taylor directly, email aspiringadventuress (at) yahoo (dot) com.


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