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In bloggers on April 21, 2010 at 11:59 am

(c) jchonartwork.blogspot.com

So part of my inspiration for starting this blog had to do with all the great blogs I’ve been reading lately.  There’s too many to name from cooking blogs to blogs on entrepreneurship and (I’m a sucker for) blogs full of pretty things.

This morning, so perfectly in line with the theme of my brand new blog, I came across Exile Lifestyle‘s post on “How to Live A Life of Daring-Do” and simply had to share it.  I’m tickled by the fact that Exile Lifestyle’s writer Colin Wright owns only 51 items and lives abroad in a different country 4 months at a time.  That’s been my dream for too long and now seems ever more possible.

Take a look at the list–it’ll take a whole 10 seconds to read.  If you have more time on your hands, follow up with Step 2 but I like the idea of not just writing about it but sharing it via your own special medium be it drawing, podcasting, cooking, singing….

A shout-out to my super talented 17 year-old cousin, Julie Chon, whose drawing graces this post above!



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